Another Second Penny Inn
870 Pequot Trail, Stonington, CT  06378

HoboThe latest in the line of innkeeper cats:


This is Hobo!
She was a neighborhood stray since the end of August and our inn cat since early November, 2008.  Very affectionate and loving and about a year old then.
So far she's very happy as an indoor cat and we sincerely hope that continues to be the case.  The pictures don't show all of her color: Hobo is a "dilute calico" ~ ginger, grey and white instead of orange, black and white.

Mr. Peabody
Mr. Peabody

As you see, Peabody can fall asleep anywhere!
Unfortunately, when he wasn't asleep Mr. Peabody was an escape artist and on November 1, 2008 he escaped during the evening and was struck and killed by a car.

On March 23, 2007 our dear friend, Clyde, went to wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge.  He will be sadly missed by all who knew him.  Few cats have had as many admirers as Clyde did, from almost every state and many foreign countries. 

The photo below was taken Thanksgiving, 2006 in the Russell Suite.
Clyde on the counter

Clyde in the early days ... on a cold morning.

Clyde  This is me, Clyde, shortly after my arrival, late October 2002.  Is this a great cat hangout, or what?!  I'm named "Clyde" after B. F. Clyde's Cider Mill where I was rescued.  Clyde's Cider Mill is a nice place and they took me to the vet (who fixed me!) and then I moved to my new home at Another Second Penny Inn.  Nothing makes me happier than a nice lap to curl up in and receive affection so feel free to love me to your heart's content. 

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