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Inspector Morse
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On February 23, 2013 we adopted a companion for Tommy.  Inspector Morse, as we came to call HER, is a miniature horse.  She stands about 36" at the base of her mane.  And there's a fullsize horse personality crammed into those 36 inches!  She was adopted from Beech Brook Farm Equine Rescue in Mystic and when she walked into Tommy's paddock she greeted him, polished off his breakfast, took a walk around and decided it would do ... meanwhile, Tommy stood there, transfixed by her charms, we think.

InspectorInspector Grazing
How did she get her name?  Well, what's a mini horse if not a "morse"?  And who's the most famous Morse of all?  Why, of course, Inspector Morse!  Given her natural curiosity and tendency to stick her nose into everything it's a perfect name for her.

Jim and the InspectorInspector in May


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