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Updated below ~Adopted February 15, 2012.  I don't have many pictures yet because I'd rather snuggle close to you or dance at your feet so I'm hard to photograph!  My name is Kelly and I'm about 6 years old and just the biggest bundle of love and wiggles you can imagine.  I spent 4 months in a nice shelter in Danbury and no one would adopt me because I have some arthritis.  But so does my new alpha mom and she takes her Aleve and I take my Metacam and we're both just fine, thank you!!  I'd tell you that I was picked up along side the interstate in southern Ohio, almost at the West Virginia border, but I'm not very good with geography.  I'm pretty smart, though, and just hoping someone teaches me to shake paws soon so I can say hello to all of our guests properly.

Kelly                          Another Kelly Picture

Six weeks later, Kelly is on a low dose of Metacam, receives Adequan injections to rebuild her joint linings and
shows no signs of arthritis except for a little morning stiffness.  So much for being a special needs dog!  She's a 60 pound corgi/collie/heaven-only-knows-what mix who should be closer to 50 pounds.

Fall Update
Kelly has settled in well.  She and Hobo have worked out an amicable understanding, not sure that they'll ever be best buddies.
Kelly has learned that "chickens are not for me" so the flock is safe ... deer on the other hand ... well, chasing them borders on addiction.
She's learned to shake hands and will happily do so at any sign of a treat in the offing.  We've got some more pictures now:

Kelly & friend QuinnKelly and friend Quinn This is a recent photo of Kelly and Quinn, a 4 month old Aussie who came to visit. They were in heaven together! :)


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